M. B. Larsky,the engineer, lately deceased, who had also acquired a reputation as a ppet and an archaeologist, made a discovery of the greatest importance in White Russia—a discovery brought to light when his papers were examined after his decease. Being occupied in making a road in that province he found it necessary to drain off the waters of a lake into another lake at a lower level, and in the course of the operation he discovered in a forest, several feet below the surface of the soil, a road paved in the antique Roman or Mexican style, with traces of a stone bridge ol a peculiar construction. In M. Larsky's opinion 2000 or 3000 years must have elapsed betore the face of the country could have been transformed to such an extent as he observed, and if this supposition be well founded this district must have been inhabited before the time of the Scythians by a more civilized nation. M. Larsky's discovery will, doubtless, not pass unnoticed, and may lead to irnportant results.