AFRIEND of mine has a traction engine, and one day while on the road he found that he had very little water left. Just at this time they were passing an old deserted house whose cistern was about halt full of water, but the rubber buckets were rotted off; so taking some cotton waste from the engine he made buckets with this, and got enough water to complete his run. Workshop Notes To Sharpen Chisels. —Often one has chisels of awkward shape, and no stone with which to sharpen them. If a piece of wood is cut to fit the chisel, it can be used in place of a stone, by dipping it in a mixture of oil and powdered emery, and then manipulating as an ordinary stone B. Francis Dashiell. Soldering Galvanized Iron. —Raw soldering fluid is generally used on the soldering copper when it is desired to solder galvanized iron. However, before commencing to solder, it is desirable to dip the soldering copper while hot in a solution of sal-ammoniac and water. This will retain the tin on the point of the soldering copper, which would otherwise soon disappear A, F. B.