A terrible riot occurred Wednesday night, the 22nd inst., at the residence of Dr. George A. Wheeler, in Seventeenth street, this city, caused by the finding of some human bones on the premises. A mob of 3,000 collected, armed with clubs, axes, and stones. Dr Wheeler's store and dwelling were attacked, the inmates driven out, and the premises completely gutted. Nobody killed, though some police officers were injured. As may be inferred by any intelligent man, the mob was composed of a low and brutally ignorant class. Our daily papers say they were mostly foreigners and Irish. Of this we know nothing, but that they were all savage ignoramuses we have not the least doubt. Not one of the mob who had his arm or leg broken, but would run or get carried to a doctor to get it set, and how could he do this unless he was acquainted with the anatomy of the human body ?