Samsung's Galaxy S5 could offer a home button fingerprint sensor to compete with Apple's iPhone 5S.

(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

With Samsung expected to unveil its new Galaxy S5 next week, Sammobile has published a self-described explanatory report saying it's "confirmed" that the new device will come with a fingerprint sensor to unlock the smartphone.

According to Sammobile, people familiar with the upcoming device said the fingerprint sensor works with a vertical swipe of the pad of the finger while keeping the finger flat and swiping at medium speed.

Contrary to earlier rumors that said Samsung will use the Galaxy S5's entire screen as one giant fingerprint sensor, Sammobile said the sensor will instead be built into the smartphone's home button -- similar to Apple's iPhone 5S.


Besides using the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone, users should also be able to register seven other fingerprints and assign them to various tasks or app shortcuts, according to Sammobile. Apparently other security methods, like a PIN code, will also be available on the Galaxy S5.


Fingerprint sensors appear to be the new rage in smartphones. Not only does Apple's latest iPhone have fingerprint-reading technology, but the HTC One Max also has the feature.

Rumors of a fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S5 first bubbled up last month. Near the same time, a Samsung executive also mentioned that the company was looking at iris-scanning security technology -- however, it's now believed this tech won't be released with the Galaxy S5.

Samsung is said to be debuting its new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 24.