RESEARCH LEADER OF THE YEAR: 1. Woo Suk Hwang, Seoul National University


POLICY LEADER OF THE YEAR: 3. Fred Kavli, Kavli Foundation

Other Research, Business and Policy Leaders

Getting Serious about Flu
4. Robert G. Webster, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (policy)
5. Klaus Sthr, WHO (policy)
6. Robert B. Belshe, Saint Louis University, and Iomai Corporation (research)
7. NexBio, Inc. (business)

More Power to Solar
8. Edward H. Sargent, University of Toronto (research)
9. Michael Grtzel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Tsutomu Miyasaka and Takurou N. Murakami, Toin University of Yokohama (research)
10. Hydrogen Solar (business)

Stem Cell Imperative
11. Robert Klein, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (policy)
12. Stem Cell Sciences (business)
13. R. Michael Roberts, University of Missouri at Columbia (research)

Repairing Broken Hearts
14. Mark T. Keating, Harvard Medical School (research)

Protections for the Earth's Climate
15. Inez Y. Fung, University of California, Berkeley (research)
16. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (policy)
17. Steve Howard, Climate Group (policy)

A Future in Plastics
18. Paul W. M. Blom and Ronald C. G. Naber, University of Groningen, and Philips Research Eindhoven (research)
19. John A. Rogers, University of Illinois, and Michael E. Gershenson, Rutgers University (research)
20. Samuel I. Stupp, Northwestern University (research)

New Offensives against HIV
21. Daniel C. Douek, National Institutes of Health (research)
22. Joachim Hauber, Heinrich Pette Institute (research)
23. Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa (policy)

Creative Paths to Open Access
24. Patrick O. Brown and Michael B. Eisen, Public Library of Science (policy)
25. IBM (business)
26. MyPublicInfo, Inc. (business)
27. Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont (policy)

A Force for Change
28. Green Watershed and Friends of Nature, China (policy)

Waiting for Wi-Far
29. Carl Stevenson, IEEE (policy)
30. Advanced Automotive Antennas (A3) (business)

Designing Artificial Life
31. James J. Collins, Boston University (research)
32. George M. Church, Harvard Medical School (research)
33. Albert Libchaber, Rockefeller University (research)

New Aircraft, Big and Small
34. Airbus (business)
35. Embraer SA/Indstria Aeronutica Neiva (business)

Watching the Brain at Work
36. R. Clay Reid, Harvard Medical School (research)
37. Yukiyasu Kamitani, ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, and Frank Tong, Vanderbilt University (research)
38. Bradley Hyman, Massachusetts General Hospital (research)
39. Nathan N. Urban, Carnegie Mellon University (research)

Practical Nanotubes
40. James E. Jaskie, Motorola Physical Sciences Research Lab (business)
41. DuPont Central Research and Development (business)
42. Bradley J. Nelson, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (research)
43. Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (business)
44. U.K. Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering (research)

True Green
45. Paul T. Anastas, Green Chemistry Institute (policy)
46. U.S. Green Buildings Council, Fox & Fowle, William McDonough & Partners, and Foster and Partners (business)

Hope for Fixing Gene Defects
47. Yehoash Raphael, University of Michigan Medical School at Ann Arbor, and Zheng-Yi Chen, Massachusetts General Hospital (research)
48. Paras N. Prasad, University of Buffalo (research)

Photons, Electrons and Silicon
49. Ozdal Boyraz and Bahram Jalali, University of California, Los Angeles (research)
50. Haisheng Rong, Intel (business)


Micha Asscher, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Charles Elachi, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Paul Horn, IBM
International Development Enterprises
Michael E. Mann, Pennsylvania State University
John P. Moore, Cornell University
Joe Poon, University of Virginia
Seth J. Putterman, University of California, Los Angeles
Ted Selker, MIT Media Lab
Anthony J. Tether, DARPA
Thomas Thundat, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Mark Alpert, Steven Ashley, Charles Q. Choi, Graham P. Collins, Aimee Cunningham, Mariette DiChristina, W. Wayt Gibbs, JR Minkel, George Musser, Michelle Press, John Rennie, Ricki L. Rusting, Christine Soares, Gary Stix, Michael Szpir, Lamont Wood, Philip M. Yam