With spring in full swing and Mother's Day just around the corner, beauty is all the buzz these days. But it's also year-round big business. As billions of dollars fuel the cosmetic industry and a host of new medical treatments boast a long list of benefits, consumers are barraged with conflicting information about possibilities, effectiveness and health.

Can creams really treat cellulite? What about wrinkles? Who is making sure that all this stuff is safe? And whatever happened to the good old-fashioned beauty rest, anyway?

All this week, ScientificAmerican.com will cover the science behind beauty, much of which proves to be more than skin deep. Check back daily as we present the latest installments:

Monday, May 4
Ask the Experts: Is Cellulite Forever?
A doctor gives the bottom line on what cellulite is and why some people have more than others (hint: it's not all about size), plus the skinny on creams and machines

Tuesday, May 5
Feature: How Safe are Cosmetics?
Although regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cosmetics aren't required to be tested or approved before they hit the shelves

Wednesday, May 6
Slide Show: 10 Natural Skin Remedies Explained
Why conventional-wisdom treatments, from resting up to popping supplements, work—or don't

Thursday, May 7
Feature: Cutting-Edge Wrinkle Treatments—Without Going under the Knife
From the labs of Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder Companies and L'Oréal, leading researchers discuss the latest discoveries about the aging process and what can be done to slow it

Friday, May 8
Blog: Bringing Beauty Home
What consumers can do to make the most of new scientific knowledge