Andrew Mayer, of Philadelphia, has taken measures to secure a patent for improvements in the apparatus for cutting screws on pipes and other articles. The screwing apparatus which this patent is intended to improve, is much used by gas fitters and others to screw piping. The gas pipes are generally more or less bent, whence results considerable damage to the dies during the process of screwing; for, owing to their fixed position, they cannot accommodate themselves to the inequalities of the pipe, the threads in the screw of the latter also being liable to be broken. To obviate this defect, the patentee forms, in the stock which holds the dies, recesses for these latter, sufficiently large to allow them to move or play slightly in a direction transversely or laterally to the axis of the pipe. By this means the dies yield before any irregularities in the pipe, and thus prevent any jamming, which would increase the labor &f the operative, and tend to prevent the screw from being truly cut.