Measures to secure a patent for the above have been taken by Samuel Parks and Francis C. Rue, of Warren, 111. The novelty of this cart consists in having one or more plows underneath the axle, and in fitting around the wheels a series of buckets, by which the cart is made to both dig up the earth, and likewise load for itself. The plows are secured to an adjustable frame underneath the cart, and the depth to which they are required to enter' the ground is regulated by a lever attached to a transverse bar at the back of the frame, which is operated by the attendant. The position of the lever and that of the plow-share being maintained by resting the front end of the former upon the step belonging to a bar which is suspended in front. The earth is raised up into the cart by a series of buckets formed around the wheels, and which, as they revolve, are filled and discharge their contents into the cart.