Measures to secure a patent for an improved Shingle Machine have been taken by Samuel Bell, of South Hanover, Indiana. There are several improvements in this machine, which is intended to cut shingles to a shape superior to those generally used. The form of the shingle is one ot the specified improvements, and its merit consists in making the shingle of an equal thickness for one-third of its length, the remaining two-thirds being tapered, as to its thickness, to a point, which is effected by shaving down the under-side, or that side of the shingle which is not exposed to the weather. A sliding frame carries the splitting knife and also the first shaving knife, up to the block of wood which is to be formed into shingles. The shape of the splitting knife is peculiar, the cutting edge being concave, so that the edges of the shingle are split before the middle part, a plan which requires less power and works better. The before- mentioned sliding frame or carnage is worked by means ofa double crank, which also serves to impel an apparatus for clearing away the shavings trom the first shaving knife and works a vibrating ram that moves the shingle forward to undergo the finishing process, which is accomplished by using two rollers, one ot which pertorms the three offices of pressing, feeding, and cleaving ; the otherroller is shaped in a peculiar manner, being made concentric lor one-third of its diameter, and the remaining two-thirds increasing in size in the form of an involute curve ; in lact it has an eccen. trie motion, so that the shingle, being forced along between this roller and the finishing knife, is formed to the shape described. Two other rollers then remove and deliver the finished shingle. The inventor mentions other ingenious substitutes for the eccentric roller just described, and has many excellent arrangements for the various requirements of the machine.