A machiat: of the above description has been lately invented by H. B. George, of Nashua, N. H., who has taken measure to secure a patent. It consists of a pair of jaws furljished with a knife, tor cutting the heated bar of iron to a proper size. the distance for inserting the bar being regulated by a stop, which is attached by a pivot to the table or platform, on which the whole apparatus rests. These j'lws are curved, so that when the front ends are open the inner ones are closed, and vice versa. To operate them a crank is turned, which moves back and forth by means of a slide and toggle-joint, an action block connected with the jaws and also with the header. The action block, when drawn back its full distance, allows two springs attached to the table to throw inwards the inner ends of the jaws, and consequently to distend the outer ends, the bar is then inserted, and the movement of the crank being reversed, the action block is forced forwards and opens the inner ends of the jaws, and closes the outer ones. The header, which consists of a vibrating arm, is also moved forward at the same time, and forcing aside the stop forms the head of the spike by compressing the end of the iron bar against the inner side of the jaws in a small recess. While the jaws are closing the cutting edge of the knife, whi ch works on a pivot on the upper surface of one of the saws, is moving outward, and coming in contact with the bar, cuts it off with a bevel. On reversing the movement, the action blbck is drawn back, the jaws are again opened and the spike now complete, falls out from between tht>m.