In Africa and among Asiatic savage tribes, the chiefs have to be bribed by handsome presents before travellers will be allowed to journey through their territories. Some of our States seem to have learned intelligent lessons from these savage potentates. Thus New Jersey and Maryland charge the railroad companies 50 cents a head for every passenger1 brother and sister republicans of other States--. who travels on a railroad through them. It is reported that the present Tory Ministry of England intends to propose a tax on the railroad incomes of that country. Kindred governments have kindred feelings. This is protection by these States to their own citizens, with more than African or Asiatic refinement. " Brother republicans," say these States, " we are all of one family, and we are always glad to see you, but remember whenever you come past our doors you must have 50 cents each of you in your pockets ; remember flunkies live by perquisites."