In Hunt's Merchant's Magazine for the present month, there are some interesting statistics, from which we cull the following information :— "In the thirty-nine years from 1819 to 1858, the average price of mess beef has been $10 19 per barrel, and mess pork, $14 63. Rice has averaged f 3 67 per 100 lbs, and coffee 10J cents per lb., while tea has main-tained a price of 50 cents per pound. In the United Kingdom, in 1841, there was an average of one pound six ounces of tea, one pound one ounce of coffee, and seventeen pounds of sugar consumed by each individual; while in 1856, there were two pounds four ounces of tea, one pound four ounces of coffee, and twenty-eight pounds two ounces of sugar consumed by each person." We look upon these facts with gladness, because they indicate the replacing of temperate and healthy beverages fo John Bull's well-known drinks, beer and whisky.—EDS.