MESSRS. EDITORS—In No. 23, present volume of the Scientific Americau, you published a statement how to make a " Simple Barometer and Storm Pointei," by G. I also saw, in an old German publication, a formula for the same purpose, differing somewhat from the above, as this writer adds camphor, and directs the vial to be hermetically sealed. I have tried both formulas and—failed, the sediment in the vial remaining perfectly quiet at the bottom in all weathers, storm or calm. Will your correspondent, " G.," state why his formula will not act as stated in his article ? Or is there any one among the thousands of readers of the Sci. American who can give more light on the subject? If such, a simple contrivance would indicate changes in the weather, as stated, " twenty-four hours before the tempest ensues," it would certainly be a very desirable and useful instrument. Columbia, Pa. J. B. G. [The only " Storm Pointer " on which we rely is a good barometer.—ED. Dr. J. V. C. Smith, of Boston, says that immense crops of poppies are raised in Switzerland, not for the opium, but for the oil extracted from their seeds. This oil is beautifully transparent, extensively used in house painting, colorless as water, and when mixed with white lead leaves a beautiful surface that never becomes yellow. Now that linseed oil is rising in price, and as much of our land is unfit for the cultivation of flax, he advises the attempt at cultivating the poppy here, which does very well even on poor, sandy soil.