Got It Covered

iPhone shield

Protect the planet while also protecting your iPhone. Agent 18 has a hard phone cover that is made from postconsumer plastic bottles. For $20, it’s a sleek fit. You’ll still need to take some care, however, because the slip does not have a screen protector. Blackberry users are out of luck; so far the eco-covers are just for iPhones.

Wash without Water

car cleaner

Instead of wasting gallons of water and using harmful chemicals to clean your car, consider Lucky Earth’s toxics-free solution. Made with coconut extract and silicone, the water-based solution breaks down dirt; just spray it on the vehicle and wipe with a soft cloth. As long as the automobile isn’t caked with mud, cleaning requires only a little elbow grease and some rags (which, yes, you’ll have to dispose of eventually). Because a typical automated car wash uses up to 45 gallons of water and hand washing uses even more, the 32-ounce bottle—good for seven to 10 washes—saves considerable quantities of water ($16.99).