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In this week's episode I'm going to be covering sleep technology.

I was talking with my friend Ellen who is a nurse. She was telling me about a lamp that she uses which is designed to simulate sunrise. Ellen uses it because she often has crazy shift hours, which will require her to sometimes sleep all day and work at night or wake up super early!

This started a whole conversation about sleep technology and inspired this episode.

Wake-Up Light
First off let’s talk about Ellen’s lamp. This device is made by Philips and it's called the Wake-Up Light. You set a time that you want to wake up and it will gradually brighten with simulated sunlight. This allows your body to wake up naturally, rather than scaring you awake like most alarms.

The lamp has other features such as playing soothing sounds to help you wake up and of course, it can also be used as a regular lamp. It uses a replaceable halogen bulb.

Since I don't have strange work hours, I’ve never needed it. But for someone like Ellen, who routinely wakes up at 1am to go to work, it's a lifesaver and worth the hefty $99 price tag.

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