The Morse telegraph is used in England to some extent, but the signal telegraph of Cook & Wheatstone is the one that is most common, and it seems to be preferred on account of its simplicity. President Buchanan's last message was transmitted from Liverpool to London on three wires, at the rate of 3,500 words per hour, without a single mistake. The Queen's speech at the last opening of Parliament, was sent from London to Liverpool with one wire, at the rate of 32 words per minute. This is not quite such quick work, however, as has been accomplished on American telegraphs. Considerable attention is now being paid in England to a code system of signals (phonetic messages) whereby one-fourth, or less, the number of signs now employed for words, may be made to answer the same purpose. This is an important subject, as by a proper system of prepared messages, the power of the telegraph may be quadrupled.