It is generally believed that the age of a horse can be determined by the number of wrinkles over his eye; but a correspondent writing from Monterey, Ala., informs us that this is not a reliable rule. He says, " There is a horse in this section of country which is thirty years old, and has no sign of a wrinkle over his eye; while there are others not over five years old that have wrinkles." A GENTLE HINT.—We often wonder why so many inventors who send models to us neglect to put their names and Post Office address upon them. We are often exceedingly bothered in this way, and if those negligent ones could only get a view of our anxious faces, and know the trouble and pains we are at to find out upon whom we can justly fix the paternity of these apparently fathomless cases, we are sure that in all coming time no gentle hint of this kind will be needed.