We have much pleasure in presenting the following names of the successful com,1etitors for the prizes which we offered at the commencement of the present volume, amounting in the aggregate to Fifteen Hundred Dollars : Name. Residence. List. Prize. I. D. McPHERSON, Lonisville,_, Ky. 252 $300 II. L. L. BUTLER, Buffalo, N. Y. 207 $260 III. JOHN LANE, Lockport, III. 200 $200 IV. O. R WATTLES, Franklin, N. C. 170 $160 V. H. S. BABBITT, Newark, O. 153 $100 VI. JOHN GARST, Dayton, O. 120 $90 VII. W. C. GRANT, Detroit, Mich. 116 $80 VIII. JOHN McVENN, Galt, C. W. 103 $70 IX. E. F. STROUD, Johnstown, Pa. 103 $60 X. WILLIAM TERRY, Philadelphia, Pa. 84 $50 XI. LORENZO CASE, Watertown, N. Y. 76 $40 XII. JAMES OLD, AlleghanyCity,Pa. 71 $35 XIII. J. F. LOVECRAFT, Rochestei', N. Y. 64 $30 XIV. JOHN HERIGES, Naishville, Tenn. 59 $25 XV. W. E. COOPER, Dunkirk, N. Y. 53 $20 We congratulate the parties above-named on their success. They have worked nobly ; and, considering the serious financial embarrassments which have unhappily fallen upon the whole country, the number of subscribers furnished by each is very satisfactory, although doubtless much less than we should have received had the times continued prosperous. The sums as they stand opposite to the names of each of the parties are subject to their respective orders, with the exception of Messrs. McVenn & Stroud, who having each sent 103 names, are each entitled to $65, that being the equal division of $130, the amount of the two prizes. We thank our friends, one and all, for the interest which they continue to manifest in the success of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ; and to those who have not succeeded in the fair field of competition, we tender our special thanks. They have the satisfaction of knowing that, in extending our list of subscribers, they have given support to a cause of which they need not be ashamed. The promulgation of the arts and sciences is always an honorable employment, and to carry such knowledge into the workshops and homes of our industrious artisans is certainly worthy of all praise. In reference to the payment of the above prizes, we would state that the parties can draw on us, either through an agency here, or by express; or if they prefer it, we will send our checks, payable to order, and duly certified (by the old, time-honored Manhattan Bank,) that they are " good" for the sums inscribed upon their faces. Such checks can be readily sold to merchants who may desire to transmit payments to New York City. We make the above suggestions without intending to dictate in the least. We are ready and willing to pay the solid specie on demand. Wm. Chauncey Langdon, late Examiner in the Patent Office, is about to entar upon the Christian ministry.