The Discovery of Super Memories

Neuroscientists have discovered that some people can remember the details of events from 20 years ago almost as well as those experienced yesterday
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In the late spring of 2000 one of us (McGaugh) received an e-mail message from a woman named Jill Price who was trying to cope with the burdens inflicted by her own memory. It read, in part:

I sit here trying to figure out where to begin explaining why I am writing you … I just hope somehow you can help me. I am 34 years old, and since I was 11 I have had this unbelievable ability to recall my past … I can take a date, between 1974 and today, and tell you what day it falls on, what I was doing that day, and if anything of great importance … occurred on that day I can describe that to you as well. I do not look at calendars beforehand, and I do not read 24 years of my journals either.

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