Brian Greene, a theoretical physicist at Columbia University, is known for his popular books, which have exposed the complex ideas of string theory and quantum physics to a wide audience. With a new four-part NOVA miniseries, The Fabric of the Cosmos, which begins airing November 2 at 9:00 P.M. Eastern time on PBS, Greene ought to be able to reach even more curious folk.

Right after part 1, Greene will host a live Q&A session with guests Leonard Susskind, the "bad boy" of phsyics, and Saul Perlmutter, a 2011 Nobel Prize winner. You can send in your questions via Twitter (be sure to include the hashtag #WSFforum or go to the event page here.

A DVD of the series goes on sale November 22. You can see a five-minute video clip from the first episode, focusing on Peter Higgs and his theory of how particles get their mass.

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