In relation to the actionj|f the Joint Special Committee of the Legislature of Massachu setts, in favor of granting the aid of the State to the " Hoosic Tunnel " Railroad Company, the Report arrives at the following conclu sions, viz.:—That the tunnel route will make a reduction of twenty-two to seventy miles in distance between Troy and the city ot Boston, and all the northern towns of Massa chusetts—that it will reduce the summit ele vation 640 feet, perpendicularly diminish the grade Irom 83 to 39 leet to the mile, obliterate seven entire miles ol curves, replace a ferry that costs $25,000 yearly, by a bridge, and enable a freight engine to take twenty-five long freight cars in place often to fourteen— the usual number on the three divisions of the Western—thus reducing the cost of transpor tation about one half, and enabling Boston to participate in the western business, amounting to three and a half millions ol tons on the Hud son, and increasing at the ra* of more than half a million yearly. The committee are sa tisfied from the evidence that the tunnel will ventilate itself, as the steam and smoke are proVed to condense against the roof and give no trouble. As respects the cost, they con sider it proved that the tunnel will range from one to two millions, and attach little weight as to the cost of some English tunnels, as they were made of gigantic and unnecessary size, when railroad tunneling was not understood, and being through wet clay, required very expensive masonry. The committee are satisfied the tunnel may be made in four years, either with or without the machine, which worked to their satisfaction. Considering the tunnel essential to the prosperity of the State, and not seriously injurious to the Western Rail road, which derives nine-tenths of its net in come from the local business, and little profit from the through trade, which has been for some years diminishing, they recommend the passage of the bill.