On Friday, the 4 th instant. Franklin Pierce was sworn into office as Chief Magistrate of the United States, for four years. There was an exceedingly pompous procession escorting the President elect to the Capitol, and the president de facto from the Capitol. From the descriptions given of the procession, and the display made on the occasion, we cannot but think that it was altogether undemocratic except in this, that it was a voluntary affair got up by the people, and in this respect it only differed from coronation scenes in Paris and London. We believe that pomp fudge, and display are becoming integral parts of our system ; we regret this. Republican simplicity, which is a just manifestation of good sense, is giving way to gaudy nonsense in our love of display—leather and prunella. The Presidents Message has the merit of being short, clear, and on the whole good. What changes may take place before his administration closes, the Power above alone knows. The President has now a heavy load upon his shoulders, and very arduous duties to perform. Presidents and princes are not the most happy men. There was something in the prayer of the old Puritan, Lord do net make me a king.