Scarcely a day passes but we notice clippings and cuttings from our columns by publications which think proper to borrow without informing their readers that the loan was obtained through the Scientific American. In taking up the " Illustrated London News," for April 24, two large engraving were presented to our view, ol Improvements in Railroad Cars. The transfer was afac simile, but no reference was made to their having appeared in the Scientific American nearly two years ago; it was referred to as a good specimen of railroad cars in America,—and indeed it was such at the time id appeared ; but the " News " should be apprised that two years is sufficient to effect an entire revolution in the mechanical character of a country like the United States. The form, design, structure, and mechanical arrangement of a large portion of our improvements, particularly those pertaining to locomotion, are undergoing great changes, and if the " News " would present a fair contrast between American and English locomotive cars, they should come down to the present age, and not deal in the things that were.