MESSRS. EDITORS—In your issue of May 15th you have an article remarking upon the recent steamboat accidents upon the western rivers ; and referring particularly to that occurring to the steamboat Ocean Spray, you close by asking : " What report will the inspectors for that district make of this horrible affair?" They have reported, and that too without any unnecessary delay. This report is, that the license of the engineer is revoked; this is all the punishment that could be inflicted by the inspectors under the law. The captain and mate—the other officers implicated—are not licensed officers, and therefore the inspectors have no authority over them. But revoking the engineer's license is not the end of the matter ; for upon the basis of the inspectors' report, proceedings have been commenced against the captain, mate, and engineer, upon the charge of manslaughter. By publishing this reply to your query, you will convey to your subscribers the desired information, and further establish your own disposition for FAIR PLAT. [Good ! Short, and to the point.—EDS.