J: 0., of N. Y.We have never known a tidal mill constructed as you have described, but it is quite common to have tidal wheels in floating arks. In Germany such tidal mills are numerous, they are employed forsawingandgrinding. E. B., of Mass.A long crank does not double the power i there is no power in the crank j the steam is the power. We prefer the 12 inch cylinder, it will work smoother. See our last volume for an engraving of the hot air engine. J. T. D,, of N, T.Steam brakes: have been applied in England to locomotives but not to cars, in the United StatesJ there have been some patents taken out for the purpose. With respect to the one exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute for last year to which you allude, what was the exact manner of applying the steam we cannot call to mind. Practical Machinist, of Mass.The atmospheric railroad would be very expensive, because very difficult to keep in repair, especially the tubes, which are so subject to leakage. It would be much oheap-er to propel the cars by an underground chain going down one way and up another over pulleys, whereby car could unhook and hook on in a moment. This endless chain could be drives by a stationary engine. The atmospheric railroad has been tried more than once. R. C. B., of 111.It is indeed true that it would be an advantage if we could get the force of the piston rod applied in a direct line, but this cannot be doue, in converting a reciprocating into a rotary motion, for which purpose the crank is the best device known, and so far as the time is an item we can only take the space travelled over by the crank ; at every point the power or force is less than that of the piston in line, but then the whole rotation gives out just as much force as the whole stroke in line, It cannot be otherwise. The only loss is friction on the crank pin, W. W. S , of Phila.Yours has been received. W. C. D , of Pia.In a short time we will be able to give yours a place in our columns. C. B. F., of Pa.Baker's is the best where a slow motion alone can be given, but for a very rapid motion we prefer the other. Mr. H. cannot get a patent for pumping up water by a steam engine to drive a wheel ; this was done when mechanics "were living in darkness, it is an old plan and a poor one. E. B. P., of Tenn.Yours will receive due attention by-and-by. J. 0., of N. Y.We will in a short time proceed with the engravings, but we would like to get a few more articles as a 8tock to commence, No. 2 has been received. W. K. P., of Mass.On page 265, Vol. 6, Sei. Am. you will find a boiler described, in which the wire, gauze is employed. We invite your attention to it. G. V. A., of N. Y We understand the principle of your alleged improvement in pumps perfectly well. It embraces nothing new or patentable, but is old and well known. H. 0., of Pa.If ajet of the gaseous hydro-carbon be allowed to escape into the air, and a red hot coil of platinum be introduced into it, the wire will be maintained at a red heat, and the gas will be consumed invisibly j but if the temperature of the wire be raised to a white heat, the gas will immediately burst into name. E. E. S., of Mass.There are machines for the purpose you name in use in England, We are not aware of any here unless Mr. Daniels uses them. W. H. B., of N, Y It is not probable that you can obtain the back numbers of Vol. 8, from any source. We should like to procure a thousand sets and would pay a premium for them over the regular price. K. B., of N. Y.The plan you suggest as an improvement in steam navigation is old and well known. Several references might be given if deemed necessary. J. M. Barr of Middletown, Del., wishes to pur- hase a machine for making shoe pegs, and knows of no one to whom he can address for information. J. A., of Conn.The main idea is good and we consider that you are fairly entitled to a patent on two or three points, of Oourse we cannot here enter into the particulars, aa it would be prejudicial to your interest. A. C, of Ohio.You had better solicit the member of Congress from your district to present your case to the war department. J.V. S., of N. Y.We think Benj. Pike, Jr., 294 Broadway, can supply you with the glasses. M. K., of Ind.If you can prevent boilers and flues from bursting and collapsing, you would certainly accomplish something worthy of th8 highest consideration. J. W., of Ohio.We are not aware of gotta percha tubes having been used for the purpose you speak of, A. B. B., of N. Y.If you will address B Pike amp; Sons, this city, they will give you better information on the subject of your enquiry than we are able to. S. B., of Mass.We think your chances for a patent are good. You can send the model, fee, amp;c, by express. J. B. S., of Pa.Your subscription is now paid to No. 46, present volume. A. B , of Ala.The back numbers of the Sei. Am., which were ordered by you were sent. Please remit 44 cts. in post office stamps. # T. W. of pa.The first 43 number of Vol. 7, we V will send you on receipt of $1,72. W. M, M,Mountains have an attraction for clouds, amp;c, as is well known to all men acquainted with natural philosophy, but upon your principle of reasoning, the springs would ascend to instead of descending from elevations. It is indeed true as you say, that the moon has aa influence on the waters of the earth, but when the influence is passed the water sinks to the depth from whence they were raised. T. T., of Boston.We hope you will yet he able to send an electric message across the Atlantic without the necessity of laying down a cable. Money reoeived on account of Patent Office business for the week ending Saturday. Jan. 1 : S. amp; L , of Man* , $25 ; R. W. amp; Co., of Pa., $30 ; A.B., of Miss., $10; M. R., of Me., $10; G. D., of N. Y., $30 ; N. C. T , of N. Y., $35 ; J. E., of N. Y , $27 ; J. C S., of Pa, $30 ; S. K., of N. Y., $20 ; Q. B. R., of N. Y., $20 j D. W., of N. J , $35. Specifications and drawings belonging to parties with the following initials have been forwarded to the Patent Office during the week ending Saturday, Jan 1: M.J E., ofS. C; S. K, of N. Y.; J. B., of 111.; J. A, of Pa.; M. S., of Me. ; C. W G., of N. Y.; H. F. R., of Pa. ; G. B. R , of N. Y., E. B., of N. Y. ; C. S. B., of N. Y.; D. W,, of N. J. V. P. amp; B. K, of N. Y. ; S. C. M, of Ind. ; M. amp; P of Vt.; H. G. R., of Pa ; G. P., of Ct., and A. L. F , of Conn. :The engravings of your several inven-tionsare executed, and will appear in theSci. Am., part in the next, and the balance in the following number. A Chapter of Suggestions, &c. ALL GONE, ALL GONB.At the commencement of the present volume, we printed 5,000 extra oopes, which we concluded would be sufficient for the subsequent demand. PATENT CLAIMSPersons desiring the claims o any invention which has been patented within fourteen years, can obtain a copy by addressing a letter to this officestating the name of the pa tente, and enclosing one dollar as fee for copying PATENTEESRemember we are always willing to execute and publish engravings of your inventions, provided they are on interesting subjects, and hav never appeared in any other publication. No engravings are inserted in our columns that have appeared in any other journal in this country, and we must be permitted to hare the engraving executed to suit our own column: in size antfcstyle. Barely the expenstt of the engraving is charged by us, and the wood-cuts may be claimed by the inventor, and subsequently used to advantage in other journals. BACK NDMBKKS AND VOLUMESIn reply to many interrogatories as to what baok numbers and volumes of the Scientific American oan be furnished, we make the following statement :Of Volumes 1, 2 and 3none. Of Volume 4, about 20 Nos., prioe 60 ets. Of Volume 6, all but four numbers, price, in sheets, $1. Of Volume 6, all; prioe in sheets,$2; bound,$2,76 Of Vol. T, all; price in sheets, $2; bound, $2,76. Of Vol. 8, all the back numbers to January 1st (No. 16), but none yre-viou. GIVE INTELLIGIBLE DIBEOTIOKBWe often receive letters with money enclosed, requesting the paper sent for the amount of the enclosure, but no name of State given, and often with the name of the post office also omitted. Persons should 1te careful to write their names plainly when they address publishers, and to name the post office at which they wish to receive their paper, and the State in which the post office is looated. PATENT LAWS, AND GUIDE TO INVENTOKS.W publish, and have for sale, the Patent Laws ofthe United States. The pamphlet contains not only the laws but all information touching the rules and regulation of the Patent Office. Price 121-2 cts. per eopy. Advertisements Term. or Aolvertiuno 4 line??, for eaoh insertioll, 60cts. 8 " " " $1,00 12 " " " $1,50 16 " " " $2,00 .t.dvertiseritents exeeeding 1(1 lines cannot be ad m.itted j neither cau enK'"vings be inserted in the ...i. ..... tising colnmns at any prioe. D7" All advertisements must be paid for before in"" r'tliiRg. American and Foreign Patent Agency TM#0BTAIVT TO INVENTORS.The nnder- M-Sign! having for several years been extensively ngogod in procuring Letters Patent for new mechanical and chemical inventions, offer their services iio ittventors upon the most reasonable terms. All business entrusted to their charge is strictly confl-dsritial. Private consultations are held with inventors t their office from 9 A. M., until 4P. M. Inventors, however, need not incur the expense of attending in person, as the preliminaries can all be arranged by letter. Models can be sent with safety by -express or any other convenient medium. They .hould not be over 1 foot square in size, if possible. Hating Agents located in the chief cities of Eu-svpfyur facilities for obtaining Foreign Patents are -anet(ulled. This branch of our business receives the Special attention of one of the members of the firm, wfeo ia prepared to advise with inventors and manufacturera at all times, relating to Foreign Patents. MUNN amp; CO., Scientiflo American Office, 128 Fulton treet. New York. NEW BBICK MACHINETor a full description see Sei, Am., No. 49, and engraving No. 02, last Vol. A six-mould machine, driven by steam, makes 16,000 a day ; cost, $500 without engine. A 5-mould by two horses attached to a sweep, worked by two men and five boys, makes 10,000 a day ; cost, $300. A 4-mould, by one horse, one man and five boys, makes 8000 a day ; cost, $250 ; may be mounted on wheels and moved about, Persons remote may be supplied with model, drawings, and set of patterns or castings. Maryland Institute, Nov. 24. To the Committee on AwardsBy your request we have made a re-examination of the Brick Machine of Mr F. H. Smith. The work is now done in the most efficient manner and by the slightest improvement imaginable. A further improvement is in the method of delivering the bricks from the moulds, which goes far to facilitate the entire operation. We are of opinion that the machine will prove a great acquisition to those engaged in the business, especially in country places where they have not the benefit of experienced hands, as the whole is performed by ordinary labor The bricks made by it are well formed, substantial, and all that can be desired. fa Slicer, L. P. Clark, John C. Ely, Thos. Wi-nans, C. Reeder. December 17thBy unanimous vote Gold Medal awarded. Address, FRANCIS H. SMITH, 17 5eow* Baltimore. 1PC9 T0 *856-"WOODWORTH'8 PA- \xj\Jit tent Planing, Tongueing, Grooving, Ra-beting, and Moulding Machines.Ninety-nine hun-dredths of all the planed lumber used in our large cities and towns continues to be dressed with Wood-worth's Patent Machines. Price from $150 to $760. For rights ia the unoccupied towns and counties of New York and Northern Pennsylvania, apply to tOHN GIBSON, Planing Mills, Albany, N. Y. lamtf BLOCKS FOR CHURCHES, PUBLIC BUILD-V INGS, amp;c , Time-Pieces for Vestry and Session Rooms- Railroad Stations, Banks, Offices, etc., of various styles and prices ; Regulators for Jewellers, with different-sized movements, plain and jewelled (in plain cases or others of an entirely new pattern and unequalled elegance), all of which possess the important improvements introduced by the undersigned, and which warrant an accuracy of time-keeping, unequalled in Europe or this country. Glass and other dials for illuminating, showing the time distinctly night and day. Address SHERRY amp; BY-RAM, Oakland Works, Sag Harbor, Long Island, N. Y. "At the Oakland Works of Sherry amp; Byram there are made some of the finest clooks in the world." [Scientific American. "Mr. Byram is a raremechanicalgenius." *-~[Jour. of Commerce. 13 26eow PORTER'S PATENT GRADUATING VALVE FORGE TUYERE (illustrated in this paper Sept. 6th, 1851) is unequalled for durability and economy, and warranted to save full 25 per cent. Hundreds have recently been introducedin this city and elsewhere, all of which work like a charm. Address J. H. BURNETT, 308 Broadway, N. Y. 15 4* PATENT DRAFT BOARDSWith extension scales, sheet fasteners, and T rule. See Reports of Worcester Fair, Maryland State Fair, amp;c. amp;c, with their awards. $10 complete. Sent by express. Address, post-paid, CHAMBERLIN amp; CO., Pittflfield, Mass. 16tf A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR MECHANICS The advertiser is anxious to secure a good Partner, in the person of a fkillful mechanic, who has a cash capital of from $8000 to $5000, to assist in carrying on an extensive establishment in one of the most flourishing cities of the South, erected for a Planing Mill and Sash and Blind Factory. It has been but very recently put into operation, with entirely new and valuable machinery, driven by a 50 horse-power engine, atsonew. The machinery combines all of the latest improvements, and is believed to be as perfect as any ever put up at the South. The want of practical knowledge of machinery is the only motive for seeking a partner. For information apply to MUNN amp; CO., office of the Scientific American. 15 4* JD. WHITE'S PATENT CAR AXLE LATHES also Patent Engine Screw Lathes, for boring and turning tapers, cutting; screws, amp;c. We manufacture and keep constantly on hand the above lathes ; also double slide Chuck and common Hand Lathes, Iron Planers, S. Ingersol's Patent Universal Ratehet Drill, amp;c. Weight of Axle Lathe, 5,500 lbs; price $600; Engine Serew Lathe, 1400 to 7,000 lbs; price $235 to $675, BROWN amp; WHITE, 16tf Windsor Locks, Conn. WANTEDA good DYER and FINISHER of woolen goods. We are most particular about the former qualification. For further particulars address us by mail or otherwise. TUST amp; MENDENHALL, 16 4* Richmond, Ind. JTBAM ENGINES FOR SALEWe offer for 5 sale two Engines and Boilers, as follows : one 8 horse, horizontal, oylinder 7 inches bore, 16 inch stroke, on a cast-iroa bed, fly wheel, driving pulley, governor, pump, pipes, etc. ; has never been used. The Boiler has been used by the maker about one year. It is cylinder, horizontal, 16 feet long, 30 inch diameter, has a steam chamber, try-cocks, check and safety valves : price, $600. One 7 horse Horizontal Engine, 6 inch bore, 16 inch stroke, cast-iron bed-plate, driving pulley, etc. Boiler horizontal, tubular, and has everything complete for putting it in operation. The engine is new, the boiler has been used, but is in good order. Price $500. They are rare bargains, and will give satisfaction to the purchaser, being much less than new ones can be obtained. Address MUNN amp; CO. E HARRISON'S UNEQUALLED FLOUR AND GRAIN MILLSTheir frames and hopper are cast-iron, and the stones French Burr, 30 inches to four feetdiameter. Thirty inch mill grinds 20 bushes an hour, weighs 1400 lbs. ; cash price $200. These mills, constructed upon a new principle, have become widely known, and are producing a revolution in illing, Cash orders promptly supplied, and the mills warranted to work in the best manner. The patentee offers $500 reward for any mill which will do an equal amount of work with the same power and dressing. Made and for sale at the corner of Court and Union streets, New Haven, Conn,, by 13 6* ElfWAKD HARRISON. THE TROY IRON BRIDGE CO. are prepared to erect Iron Bridges or Roofs, or any kind of bearing trusses, girders, or beams, to span one thousand feetor under, of any required strength, in any part of tfce country. Their bridges will be subjected to severe tests, and can be built for about the price of good wooden ones. Address BLANCHARD amp; FELLOWS, Troy, N. Y. 7 20* BEARDSLEE'S PATENT PLANING Tongne-ing and Grooving MachinesThese celebi ated machines have now been generally introduced in various portions of the United States. More than thirty are now in successful practical operation in the State of New York alone. As an illustration of the extent of work which they are capable of performing, with unrivalled perfection, it is sufficient to state that, within the last sii months and a half, over five millions of feet of spruce flooring have been planed, tongued and grooved by one qf these machines at Plattuburgh, N. Y.. never running to exceed ten hours a daj. The claim that the Beards-lee machine was an infringement upon the Wood-worth patent, has been finally abandoned; atd after the proofs had been taken, the suit instituted by the owners of that patent was discontinued, and the whole controversy terminated on the first of November last. Applications for machines or rights may be made to the subscriber, GEO. "W. BEARDSLEE, 51 State street, or No. 764 Broadway, Albany. 15tf EXHIBITION OF WORKS OF AMERICAN Industry at Washington City.The first exhibi tion of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute will be opened on Thursday, the 24th of February, 1853, in the new and splendid hall of the east wing of the Patent Office, one of the largest and most magnifi-oent rooms in the United St'ates, being 275 feet long by 70 feet wide. To this exhibition the manufacturers, mechanics, artists, and inventors, from all portions of the Union, are cordially invited to contribute. The hall will be opened for the reception of goods on Monday, tha 14th of February, and the exhibition will positively close on or before Thursday night, March 17. Circulars, containing detailed instructions, will be forwarded and any further information given, on application (post-paid) to the Corresponding Secretary, Charles . Stansbury, to whom all communications on the business of the Institute should be addressed. 8tf WOODBURY'S PATENT PLANING Machines I have recently improved the manufacture of my Patent Planing Machines, making them strong and easy to operate, and am now ready to sell my 24 inch Surfacing Machines for $700, and 14 inch Surfacing Machines for $650 each I will warrantj by a special contract, that ONE of my aforesaid machines will plane as many boards or plank as two of the Woodworth machines in the same time, and do it better and with less power. I also manulacture a superior Tonguing and Grooving Machine for $350, which can be either attached to the Planing Machine, or worked separately. JOSEPH. P. WOOD-BURY, Patentee, Border st, EastBoston, Mass. 13tf MACHINERY.S. C. HILLS, No. 12 Platt-st. N. Y. dealer in Steam Engines, Boilers, Iron Planers, Lathes, Universal Chucks, Drills; Kase's, Von Schmidt's and other Pumps; Johnson's Shingle Machines; Woodworth's, Daniel's and Law's Planing machines; Dick's Presses, Punches and Shears; Morticing and Tennoning machines; Belting; machinery oil, Beal's patent Cob and Corn mills; Burr mill and Grindstones; Lead and Iron Pipe amp;o. Letters to be noticed must be post-paid. 13tf AB. ELY, Counsellor at Law, 52 Washington st., Boston, will give particular attention to Patent Cases. Refers to Munn amp; Co., Scientific American. 16tf LEONARD'S MACHINERY DEPOT, 109 Pearl-st. and 60 Beaver, N. Y.Leather Banding Manufactory, N. Y.Maehinists's Tools, a large assortment from the "Lowell Machine Shop," and other celebrated makers. Also a general supply of mechanics' and manufacturers' articles, and a superior quality of oak-tanned,Leather Belting. 7tf P. A. LEONARD. PAINTS, Ac. AcAmerican Atomic Drier Graining Colors, Anti-friction Paste, Gold Size, Zino Drier, and Stove Polish. QUARTERMAN amp; SON, 114 John St., ltf Painters and Chemists. LATHES FOR BROOM HANDLES, Etc.We continue to sell Aloott's Concentric Lathe,whieh is adapted to turning Windsor Chair Legs, Pillars, Rods and Bounds; Hoe Handles, Fork Handles and Broom Handles. This Lathe is capable of turning under two inches diameter, with only the trouble of changing the dies and pattern to the size required. It will turn smooth over swells or depressions of 3-4 to the inch and work as smoothly as on a straight lineand does excellent work. Sold without frames for the low price of $25boxed and shipped with directions for setting up. Address (postpaid) MUNN amp; CO. At this Office. T7AJ1BS amp; GRAY (Successors to TRACT * -T TALES), RAILROAD CAR MANUFACTURERSGrove Works, Hartford, Connecticut. Passenger, freight, and all other descriptions of railroad oars and locomotive tenders made to order promptly. Itf QHINGLES, SHINGLES, SHINGLESWOOD'S 5 latest improvement in Shingle Machines is becoming more generally used than any other ever invented, and is unquestionably the best machine now in use; it produces shingles from all kinds of timber in a very perfect and rapid manner. Machines and rights for sale. Apply to JAMES D. JOHNSON, Bridgeport, Ct. 9tf CB. HUTCHEVSON'S PATENT STAVE Cut- tiag Machines, the best in use, and applicable alike to thick or thin staves ; also his Head. Cutting and Turning, and Stave Jointing Machines. For machines or territorial rights, apply to C B. HUTCHINSON amp; CO., Syracuse, N. Y. 9tf POSTAGE STAMPS.Post Office Stamps, of th denomination of 1,3, or 12 cents, may be had at par by addressing MUNN amp; CO., Scientific American Office. NEW HAVEN MANUFACTURING COM-pany, Tool Builders, New Haven, Conn., (suo-oessors to Scranton amp; Parshley) have now on hand $25,000 worth of Machinist's Tools, consisting of power planers, to plane from 6 to 12 feet; slide lathes from 6 to 18 feet long ; 3 size hand lathes, with or without shears; counter shafts, to fit all sizes and kinds of universal chuck gear cutting engines; drill presses, index plates, bolt cutters, and 3 size slide rests. The Co are also manufacturing steam engines: All of the above tools are of the bestquality, andare for sale at 25 per cent, less than any other tools in the market. Cuts and list of prices can be had by addressing as above, post-paid. Warehouse No. IS Platt st, New York, S. C. HILLS, Agent N. H. Man'g Co. 4Stf