J. B. W., of N. J —We suppose you have received our letter in regard to the machine formaking safety fuse : the sample is very good. W. M. B., of Mich.—We have no machine shop attached to our concern ; steam cylinders and boilers can be procured of Stillman, Alien Co,, of this city, or any manufacturer in Detroit. W. K. McP., of Tenn.—The World's Pair will open when the Crystal Palace is ready; the timeof opening is not announced, but it looks to be some distance ahead. J. B, W., of Me —We can give you no kind of information as to the time your application will be examined. We have now some applications in the Pffi.ce which have lain for six months, and no action taken upon them yet. A.II,of 111.—We wrote you at Chicago on the 12th inst. E., of Ohio-7-Your alleged improvement in paddle-wheels contains no new feature ; the same thing is old and well known. A. 8- L.,of N. Y.—There is nothing new in your bedstead fastener ; the hook and staple are old devices for this and analogous purposes. J. R W., of N. Y.—We do not think the improvement you suggest in car wheels could be secured by a patent; if it should prove decidedly useful, however, a patent might be secured for it. J. C.j of Mo.—To do the article justice we should have to get cuts for the purpose. We shall be happy to notice your work when it is published, which no doubt will be an excellent one N. C, of Ohio—We have never seen an arrangement and combination like yours for working the valves to obtain the advantages you state ; it appears to be patentable, but so much has been done in this field, that it is difficult to give a positive answer. W. S. F*, of--------.—Yours has been received and will meet with attention. S. A , of Pa.—We do not perceive any thing of a patentable character in your method of constructing saw mills ; the mode of hanging is very well known. W. M.W., of N. J.—We have no recollection of any communication from you, and presume it has missed us from some cause. J. B. W., of Pa.—We cannot give such information as you want without an opportunity of examining a sketch and description of it. P. Y M, of N. J.—Wehave already published a much as we know respecting the anastatic printing process. C. J. E. M., of Pa.—We have handed your letter over to aa experienced engineer for attention. W. C. of Ohio—A revsl ving set of water buckets is not new in applicatin for high falls. We illustrated this device in volume 6. P. P. K., of Pa.—Go on with your improvements; they are valuable and must inure to your beneQt. S, K. L , of Va.—Your invention is a most excel-lent one, and you can certainly obtain a patent. We have no doubt but you will make a fortune out of it. R. W., of N. Y.—The best thing for your own interest is to get good engravings of your invention published in the Sci. Am. It will at once direct public attention to the merits of your invention. T. S.I.j of Ohio—Your gauge is not new, and therefore no patent can be secured on it. Several inventions involving essentially the same principle are well known. M C, of Pa.—Your first inquiry is entirely foreign to our business, and we have no time to at. tend to it; to the second we would state that a patent wasgranted in 1843 for the same thing. Money received on account of Patent Office business or the week ending Saturday, May 14:— 8. K. Co , N. Y., $52 ; D. H , of Ky, $60 ; H. C. S , of Ct,, $25 ; 8. K,' of Mass., $10; J. K. W. P. a , of Pa., $30 ; A S., of N Y., $10 ; G. M. B., of N. Y, $30; A. C. C.,of Ky., $55; C.C.L.of N. Y , $30 ; J. H. Me. G., of Ohio, $30 ; S. B. Co,, of Mass., $30 ; J. G., of N. Y., $30; J. R. S-, of N. Y., $15; M. S. B., of N. Y, $50; W. L., of N. Y., $25 ; R. P. W., of N. Y., $30. Specifications and drawings belonging to parties with the following initials have been forwarded to the Patent Office during the week ending Saturday May 14:— G. D , of Ohio; H. C. S., of Ct.; J. G-, of Phila.; T. L. J., of Miss.; S. T. M., of N. Y.; W. L., of N. Y.; M. S. B , of N. Y.; R. P. W., of N. Y.