J M G, of N, IIWe have frequently seen straw cutters constructed precisely the f-ame asyoura. it is not i aw ; tbe iodiatoria the same as Ely's, whi h wasiDvented four years ago Worse MaDffield's wr axle involves the ame device as is embraced in jours for wagon's, the difference in application is not patentable. It J. M , of SavannahWe are not positively KUTB *hat either invention named in your letter could ba patented The pa'ent fee in each case would be $500 ; no one but the inventor could take the pa-teat. II. B , of N. Y We do not nee why your improved valve would not work well. We are doubtful about its possessing any patentable features, this you can determine by an application fora patent. W. E , ofG-eo.We have teenan elctrO'magnetic machine constructed upon the same principle as yours, only the wheel was ona horizontal shaft,and the stationary magnets secured in a frame around it; the magnets on the arms were permanent, however, and in this respect differed from yours, but we believe jou could not obtain a patent. II. M 1) , of Mass.We like Bourne best, and recommend it, but examine the two for yourself: Hodge is not out of print. J. C. B., of WheelingWe would not like to give you an opinion without having practically tested the two binds of zinc, which we have not done ; we consider the Jersey zinc equal to any other; this opinion is founded ou examination merely. G. V. McD , of Ct The rotary cutter and mould would be an infringement of Blanchard'a patent. J. II , of 111,Yours will receive attention next week. Mr, J. A C, of OhioYoars came rather late for this number. J. A. 8., of Pa What you call the backward current is the effort of the divided water to unite, which, in our opinion, does not affect the action of the paddles ; great objections can also be urged against extending the paddles from the aide of the ship. J. J. P , of 0The number of patents whichhave beca issued on straw cutting machines exceed one hundred; the claims of all of them would coat you more than you would feel willing to pay, undoubtedly ; our charge for copying claims ia $1 each. E. B , of Wis.The Wilson Sewing Machine, illustrated in No. 38, present Vol j is just the machine you require foryour hind of work. The objectiona you advanced to the other machine, are obviated in Wilson's. II. W. O , of CtWe are not practically acquainted with any substance that will unite two pieces of horn together, water-proof; still it is our opinion tbat common gutta percha cement will do it; try theexperiment. R. 8 , of Conn.We have never seen your plan carried out, but the exhaust steam has been introduced into the furnace. Your plan is good, and does not infringe on any patent, but we do not believe it patentable. J. G , of Ct.Use lac dissolved in alcohol. J J. N., of OhioThe best thiog jou can do is to communicate with J T. P , and state all the circumstances, and if you could find some person TI ho lias tried one, his experience would be of service to you ; we could say nothiDg about recommending it or any other, excepting to tay it was a good one in principle. J. C , of HI We have not the slightest confidence in your alleged improvements in balloons as embracing anything useful ; if you have a different view, the only way is to build and test the invention. $M. II , of N. Y.There is something in your device forcuttiDg grain, which appears to be new and patentable. We think you are justified in making an application for a patent. C. T Bl , of Miss.A model could not be made from the daguerreotype. J. P , of Ky Yuur sketch we have received, and we shall attend to the examina'ion at once. Money received on account of Patent Office business for the week ending Saturday, June 18 : C. 8., of N. Y , $-25 ; G W. C, of Ga ; $30; W K P., of Mass $55 , W Mt S , of N Y , $10U; S J . of N Y., $30 : D A M , of Pa , $55, 11 C . of N Y , f20 ; A K. B . ot It I , $oO ; B H. B , of Ct , ?25 ; I W. McG , of Pa , S0 ; ti W , of Ct , $20 ; W- T B M , of N Y , $i:"; J A . ot O, $25. A. B of Mica , $35 ; A. T: 0 , of Pa . $20; J. W M , of Ala , So 5 ; C F B , of It I , $25 , l* . McK , of NY, $25 ; S C, of N. Y , $25; A. C K., of JN. Y., $02 ;Q. VV. T., of N Y., $. Specifications aucJ drawings belonging to parties with the following initials have been forwarded to the Patent Office during the week ending Saturday June 18: D K, M., of Pa ; II C, of N. Y.; C F. B , of R. I. ; S. B. . Co , of Mass ; B. II. B. of Ct ; J B C. , of'Ohio; J, A, of Ohiu; S. C, of N. Y. j S. McK, of N. Y.