The suggestion made three weeks ago in 3ur paper, that manufacturers and dealers in machinery would find it for their interest to transmit us circulars, setting forth what they tiad to sell, &c, has met with a hearty response from all quarters. A very large num- ! ber have been already received from every i art of the country, which have been properly Bled and placed in a conspicuous position, where they can be easily inspected by any ane desirous of information. New additions are continually being received, so that there is no doubt a great want in the business world will be supplied by this original plan that we have now just started. Our only motive in so doing has been to benefit the above mentioned classes, who by the promptness with which they have responded to the call, show the necessity that existed for something of the kind. Innumerable letters have likewise been received by us from every quarter, expressing approval of our plan for opening a medium of communication between purchasers and dealers in machinery.