The hoes which have been in general use for a number of years, for chopping out and working bottom lands, are the kind known by the name of ' patent hoe." This Hoe has a steel blade with the eye rivetted on to it. Before it can be used, however, for the purpose stated, it is heated and bent down, so that the blade describes a curve, and is not set at right angles (as when bought) to the handle. This setting, almost invariably loosens the rivets of the eye, and therefore injures the hoe. In consequence of this an inferior hoe is coming into use and has the preference ? Could not these patent hoes be bent to the proper angle by the manufacturer ? I have never seen a new one properly made. I hope this will attract the attention of those most interested in the making of them. J. Powelton, Ga. [There are some beautiful hoes on exhibition at the " Crystal Palace." The manufacturers of such hoes, if they possess the proper mechanical skill, can make them of the pioper shape for the purpose spoken of by our correspondent : there is no mechanical difficulty tofpreventthem.—Ed.