Dr. Hereford, of Washington, in a communication which appears in the " Alexandria Gazette," thinks that too much physic has been an error in the management of scarla tina. He says, during thirty years' practice, he has found that the less active medicine he used,the greater was his success in the treat ment of this disease. He disclaims any mo tives of vanity or sell-interest in his state ment. His treatment is described as follows : " In conclusion I will say, my treatment of scarlet fever is very simple. Open the bow els regularly every day with some mild ape rient medicine, such as castor oil, senna, &c, and keep the patient at rest and comfortably warm; sponge the surface with tepid water two or three times a day; while it is hotter than natural admit Iresh air; live on a bland diet, such as a cupfull of arrowroot, several times a day; toast water for common drink. Gargles made of strong sage tea, honey, and alum, or borax, may be used from the com mencement, if the throat is affected."