This is a fine yellow powder soluble in water, and is the ground root of a walnut, the Indian Saffron. It is brought chiefly from the East Indies and China, but will grow in almost any moderately warm climate. It gives a fine yellow to stuffs dyed in it, and paper colored with it turns brown by the action of alkalies, and is a very delicate test for their presence. It is also used in curry powder aud is a powerful diuretic. A plaster of turmeric top and roots well bruised is a good remedy for the bite of a rattlesnake. AN INVESTOR DEAD.—Oliver B. Judd died suddenly at Little Falls, N. Y., on the 31st of October. He was a patentee, and also an inventor of several useful improvements. We regard the death of one such contributor to mechanical progress as a much greater loss to the community than that of many warriors famed in history.