THE names of Chavez and Moissan are still household words in Peru ant Central America, respectively, though foi somewhat different reasons. A writer ii the Deutsche Zeitschrift fUr Luftschif fahrt tells of the diverse way in whicl the career of these martyrs of aviatioi have impressed themselves upon thi imagination of Latin-America. All Peru takes pride in the heroic an disastrous feat of Chavez. The remain: of his aeroplane have been transportet to Lima, and placed in a prominent placi in the National Museum, in the hal where hang the portraits of the 39 Span ish viceroys, Pizarro and his successors In the enthusiasm evoked by his trans alpine flight an aviatioh league wa founded in Peru, and a Peruvian·bor employee of the BIeriot works-on WOOD-WORKIN4 MACHINERY For ripping, cross· (utting, mitering, grooving. boring 8<1011-sawing, edg-e moulding. mortising; for working wood in any miner. Spnr! for Catalogne A. SENECA FALLS MFG. CO. 695 Water Street j Seneca Falls. N. Y., V. S. 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As a self-appointed “admiral” he once commanded the Nicaraguan coasting-steamer “Momotombo,” and led a filibustering expedition in Salvador, where he laid many villages in ashes and returned to his ship unscathed. The intervention of the United States government fnally forced Mm into exile in France, where he found a congenial field for his adventurous zeal in the study of aviation. Before leaving America he addressed a letter to the Salvadoreans, in which he declared that he should one day return in an airship and drop bombs upon their capital. When rumors of his achievements in aeronautics began to find their way to Salvador the inhabitants of that country were filled with misgivings; imd these have not been altogether quieted .by his untimely death in New Orleans. Popular report has it that he was not killed in the accident, and is even now secretly maturing the consummation of his dire threat of long ago. The Current Supplement A GOOD example of modern methods of the mechanical handling of materials on a large scale is described and illustrated in our current Supplement, which shows on its front page a continuous unloader at work on the territory of the Western Pacific Railroad of California:-Sir WilHam Ramsay in his recent presidential address before the British Association, dealt mainly with the chemical elements and the problems which arise in connection with their inter-relation. No one is better qualified to speak on this subject than the great English chemist. and an abridged report of his address is presented to our readers.-The Effect of Tobacco Smoke on plants is of interest both from a scientific point of view and in connection with indoor plants. Careful observation has shown that this effect is far from negligible. An illustrated presentation of the subject forms one of the articles in this issue. An enormous amount of wood is annually· going to waste in the long-leaf pine forests. Dr. Heber has recently made a demonstration showing that from one cord of such wood from 12 to 16 gallons of turpentine can be recovered. One of the phases of telephone engineering work is the proper management and laying-out of the complicated network of cables for an extensive territory. Some of the problems that arise in this connection are most lucidly discussed by F. P. Yalentine, in an article whose first instalment appears in the current Supplement.-In a copiously illustrated article the principle and construction of the gyro compass are expounded.-Prof. Turner's article on the Great Star Map reaches its fourth instalment, which is devoted to “star positions."-We have become accustomed to look upon the Montgolfier balloon as a thing of purely historical interest. It is interesting to read that of late there have been efforts made to improve this primitive airship and turn it into a balloon for practical use.-It is well known that ; owing to the defect of capacity a telephone cable tends to distort the waves i applied to it at the speaking 'end. To overcome this, so-called loading coils, having a suitable self-induction, are inserted at intervals along the cable. This very important subject is discussed by the eminent electrical engineer and wireless expert, Prof . .T. A. Fleming.-A German writer in Prometheus voices some decidedly pessimistic forebodings in regard to the future of the Panama Canal. While we may not follow him in all points, his discussion makes most interesting reading and should be perused by all.-A concise review of the power situation at Niagara Falls is reprodueed from the Engineering Supplement of the London Times. 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Model No. 5-52 West Water Sireet ST. PAUL, MINN. JUST PUBLISHED A* . :ew and Authoritative aoo/ MONOPLANES and BIPLANES THEIR DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION&OPERATION The Application of Aerodynamic Theory, with a Complete Description and Comparison of the Notable Types By GROVER CLEVELAND LOENIG. B.Se •• A.M .. C. E. CRITICISMS "The first treatise upon aviation which we have seen whicl may be styled really complete ••••• Actual aeroplane designing is the central theme of the volume• •••• The prominent types are exhaustively compared ••••••••• The illustrations are a notable feature." -Rochester, N. Y., Chronicle. "A very complete account of the theory of heavier than air flying machines with a technical description of near! y all the present types 0 f aeroplanes ••••••••• Presents in compact shape the substance of aerodynamic theory. 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Students learned in aerodynamics and laymen ordinarily interested in aviation will /nd equal delight in reading ' Monoplanes and BIplanes. ' The book is a welcome addition to the libraries of those who have realized the future of aerial navigation, and desire a work treatIng solely of the heavier than air machines wr tten by an acknowledged expert and with no hobbies hidden in the discussion." -Boston Journal. .. While enthusiBSt ' c i h is interest as becom es one who has written so superb a volume, Mr. Loening is also rigidly accurate as the most exact:ng scientist could demand. Here is a work which is at once a history and textbook which may be depended upon for everything that is within the range of actual knowledge. To say that • Monoplanes and Biplanes' is at once new and authoritative with reference to the entire subject and that it is practical in the highest degree is tIe just praise due to this volume."-Bujalo News. ” Mr. Loening has written, in fact, for the man who wishes to apply practically the experience that has already been gained." -New York Times. 12mo. (6x8 u4 inches) 340 Pages. 278 lDustratiool. Attractteiy bound in cloth, Price $2.50 net, postpaid A n illustrated descriPlive circular will be .enl free on application. MUNN&CO., Inc., Publishers 361 Broadway New York WOOD DISTILLATION for manufacturing ALCOHOL and other products of the process I • f Profits from refuse wood and sawdust are in reach of any one who will locate near a sawmill. The Scientific American Supplement files contain a series of valuable articles on this topic which are contained in the following numbers: 1610-A General Review of the Subject of utilizing wood wastes, and the uses to which the wastes may be put. 1684-The “steam” and “destructive” distillation processes, and names the numerous products obtainable from the complete operation. 1661-Distillation of soft wood, and gives the proportions and quantities of each product obtainable, and the various processes used. 1723 and 1724-The general subject of the utilization of wood wastes, giving all the products by a clear and valuable diagram showing their relations to each other, and many illustrations of apparatus. 1592-The manufacture of wood alcohol by a German process which first converts sawdust and scraps to glucose and then to alcohol, leaving the residue of the wood with 75% of its heating value, and in condition to briguette without a binder. 1789-Prof. Ruttau's article on the manufacture of wood alcohol, a very comprehensive discussion. 1643-Dry distillation of Beech and other hardwoods comparing European and American methods, and giving the quantities of products obtained. 133S-Charcoal manufacture in Germany, with complete recovery of by-products, their description and uses. 1472-” Distillation of Pine Products” refers especially to turpentine manufacture, but covers the by-products as well, and gives information of the profitable nature of the business. ISSI-Refers to acetic acid, wood spirit and acetone from distillation of wood, and gives a good description of the necessary apparatus, and particularly of the points to be observed in operating the plant. 1736-Production of Alcohol from Cellulose, how wood and wood products may be used. Each number of the Supplemeni cosis / 0 cents. A set of papers containing all ihe articles above mentioned will be mailed for $/.20. Order from your Newsdealer or from us. MUNN&CO., Inc., “Publishers, 361 Broadway, New York City