Growing population and increasing demand for higher living standards have led to the overuse of water resources. More recently the management of watersheds has been threatened by the impacts of climate change on the water cycle. In the face of these challenges water companies and agribusinesses need to seek solutions.
The editors of Scientific American, Nature and Nature Climate Change (all part of Nature Publishing Group) have teamed up to analyze the problems posed by a drier future and explore the possible solutions. In particular, four Nature Climate Change opinion pieces discuss the risks and opportunities posed to private companies by water scarcity, highlight the steps some companies have already taken and, overall, the actions still required. The Scientific American and Nature articles provide additional details and context via both analyses and commentaries.
Special Report: How We Can Save Our Water
From Nature Climate Change:
Water Stewardship in the 21st Century
What To Do When We Run Out of Water
Water Scarcity Challenges for Business
Making Sustainable Beer
 From Scientific American:
Which Nations Consume the Most Water?
Smart Irrigation: A Supercomputer Waters the Lawn
New Desalination Technique Yields More Drinkable Water
Can Soil Sensors Save Georgia Waterways from Drought?
Battling Drought: The Science of Water Management [eBook]

 From Nature:
Adapting to a Warmer World: No Going Back
Melting in the Andes: Good-Bye Glaciers
Water Risk as World Warms: First Comprehensive Global-Impact Project Shows That Water Scarcity Is a Major Worry
Climate Change: Melting Glaciers Bring Energy Uncertainty [Commentary]
China's Water Crisis Needs More Than Words [Commentary]