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Enterovirus D68 has gained a lot of media attention lately, being the first infectious disease coverage since the Ebola outbreak that’s made headlines. We all know how the media loves to over-dramatize infectious diseases--in fact, incidentally I just saw the movie World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, last week, and have to admit it even left me with a twinge of fear (and I'm not easily spooked!) I am not a movie critic, but even if you are the slightest germaphobe like myself...I'd skip that one.

I do think it's important, however, that if you have any children (especially if they suffer from asthma,) it would be wise to learn about Enterovirus D68 so that you can be aware of its signs and symptoms, in case your child is infected. So in today's episode, let’s take a look at this latest potentially anxiety-provoking infection gaining great media attention.

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