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The internet is huge. I'm sure many of you know that, but it's almost unbelievable that when Googling the term "cat videos" that Google can serve up nearly a billion hits from all across the web. Now keep in mind there are 7 billion people on the planet. It's mind boggling.

But what if I were to tell you that Google and other search engines can only search a fraction of the web. This number varies from source to source, but the most generous term that I've heard is that Google can search about 10% of the world wide web. So what's in the other 90%?

Well I can assure you it's probably not another billion cat videos!

What's in the Deep Web?
This other 90% of the web goes by many different names: Dark Net, Invisible Web, Dark Web, Deep Web, Deep Net...

Just keep interchanging the words, "internet", "web", "dark", and "deep", and you'll come up with all of the "names" it falls under. For the sake of this episode I'm going to try and explain what these terms mean. Because the very nature of this stuff is widely unkown means that it often lacks official names. I'll try and use the most well-known terminology, but just keep in mind these terms change often and are known by many different identities.

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