I recently saw Eileen, a 45-year-old female accountant, in my office who reported an aggravating “eye twitching.” Now this is a common, yet potentially annoying, medical problem. It may not be debilitating, but it’s sometimes enough to distract you from your tasks and drive you bonkers.

Eileen tells me that she’s had intermittent and multiple bouts of seemingly non-stop eye twitching in her eyelid almost daily for one month, with each episode a few minutes long. It’s enough to interfere with her work. She gets through the day but gets distracted by the twitching.  It’s tax season, and she needs to tackle this quickly so that she can be more efficient at her job.

The reason she came in today is because she’s never experienced this before and is concerned that she may have a brain tumor after googling her symptoms online. After reassuring Eileen that eye twitching due to a brain tumor is quite uncommon, I go on to take her history.

Let’s walk through a visit with Eileen to find out what caused her twitching and how she treated it.


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