There are several serious and acute causes of low back pain, which you need to watch out for. These include trauma, urine or bowel difficulties, numbness, motor deficits, and several others. Keep reading to find out whether you should worry about low back pain.

Low back pain is the 5th most common reason that drive people to the doctor ‘s office. It’s also typically a benign and self-limiting condition. However, there are some uncommon but more serious causes of low back pain. So how do you know when you should worry about it? What are some of those concerning red flags? How can you best prepare for your doctor’s visit? And how can you treat lower back pain?

I will address these questions and more in a two-part episode dedicated to this highly common medical ailment.

Let’s take Lori as an example. She’s a 46-year-old female bakery owner who came to see me for three days of low back pain, severe enough to prevent her from working. Lori is very healthy and rarely comes in to see me, so I knew she must not be well if she’d visited the office. What happened to Lori? And how can we help fix her lower back?


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