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Technology is moving faster than ever into the mobile realm and with that the market for tablets has gone from one option (the Apple iPad which released in April 2010) to a ton of options in just the course of a few years. It’s interesting to think that before the iPad, there was no market for tablet devices and then overnight, tech companies fell behind Apple’s innovation!

This is great for us consumers because competition creates better and better products with more and more features. However, as we all know, the problem arises when you’re trying to decide which of these tablets is best for you and your lifestyle.

In this episode I hope to make things a bit easier by going over the pros and cons of the top 3 tablets out on the market today so you can decide which one is right for you:

Option #1: iPad
First and foremost is Apple’s iPad. As I mentioned before, the iPad paved the way for the tablet revolution and has had three generations of this product so far. The third generation is called “The New iPad”—which seems like a really short-sighted name. Don’t ask me what they’re going to name the next iPad when it comes out. Perhaps “The Newer” or even “The Newest iPad”?

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