The annexed engraving is a side view of a new Repeating Pistol, invented by E. Whitney, of New Haven, Conn., who has taken measures to secure a patent for the same. It is exceedingly simple in its construction, and merits the attention oi all those engaged in the manufacture, practice, and use of fire arms. A is the hammer whieh is made in the usual way ; B is a revolving charge cylinder, the most simple and easy managed we ever saw. There are six charge chambers in the rant end of this cylinder, and C are the nip- ples for receiving the cape ; E is a steel pin which passes through a central orifice in cylinder, B, into the back ot the stock, and serves as the spindle or axis on which the charge cylinder rotates. This pin is held in its place by a trigger pin, F, which has a sneek at its outer end projecting into a notch in pin, E, and holding it fast. Small dark notches are represented on the side of the cylinder near the front end. A spring trigger, D, projects through the plate of the stock into one of these notches, and holds the charge cy- linder at th proper point with a charge chamber opposite to the barrel, and prevents it rotating. When a shot is fired, by pressing on D with the finger, the cylinder is released, is turned with the left hand on its axis pin E, and when the next charged chamber comes opposite to the barrel, the spring ol D, projects into a notch and retains the cylinder at that point. By pressing the finger upon F, the sneek releases pin, E, which can be drawn out in a second, and cylinder B, taken out to recharge, or half a dozen of such cylinders may be kept charged in one cartridge box or pocket, and 30 shots fired off with great rapidity, for it is but the work of a few moments to take out a discharged cylinder, and put in a new charged one. Mr. Whitney is the son of the famous inventor of the cotton gin, and we must say that he has constructed the most simple and effective revolving pistol that has yet been brought under our notice. His pistols are made of the best materials ; the parts are few and simple ; the barrel and cylinder are of the best cast-steel, their shooting qualities are excellent, and we understand that they are eold at very reasonable prices. More information may be obtained from the manufacturer by letter ngJwrwi*.