The season when King Frost enchains our country in his icy grasp, and throws his white mantle over the earth, will soon be upon U5, and we must begin to think what we shall do with ourselves in those long winter evenings, when there is no comfort but at the fireside, '-e or in sitting close around the stove. Those V, evenings contain many precious hours that If s ought not to be, as they too often are, wasted ipi and lost. Reader, we will propose a scheme to you whereby you will find them pass pleasantly and profitably; .and when spring again comes, with its gladsome sounds and beauteous vegetation, you will be happier aud better for the winter that has passed. Our advice, then, is, learn to do something. No matter whatto draw, to paint, to put together machinery, to read or speak a language that at present you do not know; invcnt something in your own line of business that is wanted, and determine to make it by thc spring. Learn something, read a useful book every evening, if only for an hour; but do whatever you determine regularly and punetually, and you will be surprised how much knowledge you will have acquired in a short time. Do not idle away the precious moments in foolish conversation and story paper nonsense, although they are both ,ery good in their place ; but try and master a branch of scienceeach one of you knows which you like the best, and which is best snited to your habits and capnbiliticsand should you mect with difficulties in the way, as no doubt many will, write to us, and we will give you the bcst aid and advice that it is in our power to dispense. At any rate, set earnestly to work, and learn to do something, and who knows but that there may be among the subscribcrs to the Scientific AUerican an embryo Newton, Herschel, Morse or Watt. If such there should be, this advice may tend to develop his genius, and the world will eventually thank us for having advi.ed our readers not to neglect their winter evenings.