Imagine hanging out with some of the world’s kookiest critters in the jungle’s tallest trees, building a robot that does stand-up comedy, inventing a device that propels you into the air like Batman, or traveling back in a DNA time machine to study ancient animals! Meet the scientists who make it possible. They include ecologist and explorer Mark Moffett, aka “Dr. Bugs,” roboticist Heather Knight, mechanical engineer and daredevil Nathan Ball, and evolutionary biologist Beth Shapiro. Find out what they do, how they do it, and how they got the coolest and weirdest jobs on the planet. Together, we’ll step into a world that will feed your imagination.

Moderator/Emcee: Baba Brinkman
Mechanical Engineer Nate Ball
Roboticist Heather Knight
Ecologist/Explorer Mark Moffett
Evolutionary Biologist Beth Shapiro

Twitter: #WSF11
Livestream commentary by Anna Kuchment, Scientific American and Maki Naro, World Science Festival