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Stories by Alden M. Hayashi


Can skyscrapers withstand stronger hurricanes?

January 1, 2000 — Alden M. Hayashi

Pinker and the Brain

Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker plumbs the evolutionary origins of language and behavior while keeping his detractors at bay

July 1, 1999 — Alden M. Hayashi

On the Origins of Subspecies

DNA analysis to the rescue in figuring out where to repatriate Gal¿pagos Islands tortoises

March 17, 1999 — Alden M. Hayashi

Attack of the Fire Ants

The insect has spread, maiming animalsand shifting the ecological balance

February 1, 1999 — Alden M. Hayashi


The Internet can be a powerful tool for political dissidents and "hacktivists." But the medium has yet to reach the grassroots level

January 13, 1999 — Alden M. Hayashi

Rough Sailing for Smart Ships

Does commercial software such as Windows NT compromise naval ship performance?

November 1, 1998 — Alden M. Hayashi

Lost in Cyberspace

Scientists look for a better way to search the Web

July 1, 1998 — Alden M. Hayashi

Let there be no Light

Artificial "crystals" now block near-optical frequencies

February 1, 1998 — Alden M. Hayashi

New Silicon Tricks

Carbon could boost the speed of silicon chips

January 1, 1998 — Alden M. Hayashi

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