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Stories by Alexander Klemin

Must Flying be a "Racket"?

Aviation, Now Finding Itself a Noisy and Unwanted Neighbor in Many Communities, is Starting a Search for Ways and Means to Silence the Roar and Clamor That, Continued, Might Cost the Industry Heavily...

December 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Ideas in the Air

Although Many Authorities State that Private Aviation is Progressing Nicely, Others Submit that the Pace is Plodding. The Latter Maintain the Path is Blocked by Designer-Manufacturer Reluctance to Move Out with...

November 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Cabins Can be Quieter

Airline and Private Plane Manufacturers—More "Customer-Conscious" Than Ever Before—Are Striving Vigorously to Improve Cabin Comfort

October 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Pressed-Out Planes

Sounding a New Note in The Aviation Industry--Where High Costs are Legend--Is the Republic Seabee Amphibian. Capable of Carrying a Family-Sized Load in Automobile Comfort, This Land-or-Water Airplane Offers Much Utility and Good Performance at a Reasonable Cost...

September 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Plane Sense and Safety

Analyzed in Terms of Accident Causes, Private Flying's Safety Record Clearly Shows the High Price of Recklessness. Sane Flight, However, is Relatively Safe. In a Determined Effort to Cut the Toll, Government and Industry Now Combine in an All-Out, Safe-Flying Campaign...

August 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Flying's Easier, Now

Private Aviation has Shed its Aura of Glamor, Now Aims at Sounder Business Based on Comfort, Safety, and Satisfied Customers. Better Training Methods Help; So do Easy-To-Fly Planes, and Lightening of Government Rules...

July 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Private Plane Prospects

With Many Design, Marketing, and Usage Questions Yet Unsettled, the Personal-Airplane Picture is Nevertheless Beginning to Clear. Industrial Users--Now Counted as the Best Market--Will Find a Wide Selection of Planes Adaptable to Nearly All Business Needs...

June 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Aviation Engineering Emerges

Boosting Cooling-Air Flow with the Energy of Hot Exhaust Gases; Means of Making True Automatic Flight Commercially Possible; and Many Other New Ideas were Food for Discussion at a Recent Aeronautical Engineer's Meeting...

May 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Research For Power

Aircraft Engines, Turbines, and Jets do not "Just Grow." Painstaking Research must Precede even Minor Advances, and Tomorrow's Supersonic Speeds Require Experimental Laboratories Undreamed of Yesterday...

April 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Air Transport Progress

Passenger Comfort, Cargo Handling, Navigation and Traffic Control, All Involve Problems Basic to Full Realization of Air Transport's Potential Value. Specialists from Other Fields-Biomechanics, lighting, and Even Air-Conditioning-are Enlisted to Add Comfort and Safety...

March 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Helicopters in Civil Aviation

Will the Helicopter Find Immediate Application in Civil Aviation and Industry; or Will Engineering Limitations, Landing Area Problems, and the High Degree of Pilot Skill Required Restrict its Utility?...

February 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Motorless Flight

Towed Gliders, Proved in Military Uses, Are Now the Subject of Intensive Study for Future Commercial Uses. Special Jet Motors can Help to Get Them off the Ground. But the Greatest Competitor of the Cargo Glider is the Developing Type of Cargo Plane Itself...

January 1, 1946 — Alexander Klemin

Flying Aids

Aviation Gas Stations--Complete With Fuel, Oil, and Information Service--Offer Increased Safety and Convenience to the Pilot. A Number of Combination Automobile and Aircraft Stations Have Their Own Flight Strips...

December 1, 1945 — Alexander Klemin

To Europe by Air

With the Post-War Era Now Upon Us, Americans Will Want to Go to See What is Left of Europe. To Many the Ocean Steamer is Too Slow But the Plans of the Big Transatlantic Airplane Companies Will Enable Anyone to Take a Vacation in Europe at a Surprisingly Small Cost...

October 1, 1945 — Alexander Klemin

Gas Turbine PossibiIities

Will Airplanes of Tomorrow be Powered by Reciprocating Engines, by Turbo-Jets, by Turbines Driving Propellers, or by Some Combination of these Systems? Analysis of Present Technology Indicates that Each System Will Find its Place in Meeting the Varied Requirements of Flight...

September 1, 1945 — Alexander Klemin

Highways of the Air

Feeder Lines, Serving the Trunk Airlines But Also Providing Short-Haul Aerial Transportation, Have Great Possibilities If Costs are Reduced to Meet Competition of Other Forms of Transportation and if Adequate Facilities are Made Available for Handling Traffic...

August 1, 1945 — Alexander Klemin

Control in the Air

Electronics Has Brought to Aviation a Versatile Means of Controlling Many of the Airplane's Essential Mechanical Components. Increased Engine Efficiency, Reduced Pilot Fatigue, and Greater Safety are Some of the Worthwhile Results that Have so Far Been Obtained...

July 1, 1945 — Alexander Klemin

Since Man Took Wings

To Fly has been the Persistent Dream of Man Down through the Ages, and in the Present Epoch that Dream has been Completely Fulfilled, but with Greater Consequences of Destruction than of Good...

June 1, 1945 — Alexander Klemin

Aide to Aviation

One Chemical Plant Alone Produces 80 Chemicals Used in the B-29. This Fact Brings Home the Close Relationship between Chemical Industry and the Mass Manufacture of Airplanes; Both Those Used Today for War and Those that Will Fill the Skies in tire Coming Days of Peace...

May 1, 1945 — Alexander Klemin
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