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Stories by Alexander Klemin

Pre-Flight Training

Economy of Both Time and Money are Achieved With Trainer that Gives Complete Illusion of Flight

August 1, 1943 — Alexander Klemin

Helicopter Progress

Present Orders and Future Possibilities Point Toward a Fertile Field for Rotating Wing Aircraft

July 1, 1943 — Alexander Klemin

Latest Helicopter

Is a Two-Seater with Enclosed Cockpit; Will Assist In Allied Convoy Protection Against Subs

June 1, 1943 — Alexander Klemin

When Engineers Meet

Aeronautical Experts Contract a Sort of Mental Indigestion that is Good for the Whole Country

May 1, 1943 — Alexander Klemin

No Oxygen Needed

Circular Pressurized Cabin is Feature of New Airliner Designed For High-Altitude Civil or Military Operation

April 1, 1943 — Alexander Klemin

Freight Planes

Future Cargo-Carriers of the Air May Supplement, But are Unlikely to Supplant Surface Transportation

February 1, 1943 — Alexander Klemin

The Thunderbolt in Action

Why This Fine Plane is Rightly Called the Fastest and Most Powerful High-Altitude Fighter of the Day

January 1, 1943 — Alexander Klemin

How Germany Does It

Powerful, Compact Airplane Engine Has a Pre-Designed Cooling System and Other Built-In Accessories

December 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

A Troopship of the Sky

Cargo Planes of the United States Army Are Now Carrying Troops, Jeeps, Trucks, and Military Supplies

November 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

The Mighty Mars

Huge Cargo Planes Will Play a Leading Role In After-the-War World Economic Developments

October 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

Tales Told By Ears

Oxygen Saturation of an Aviator's Blood, Which Determines His Efficiency, is Quickly Measured

August 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

Cargo Planes of the Future

Special Equipment Will be Needed for this Branch of Air Transportation When it Starts its Growth

July 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

Jet Propulsion

Italian Experiments With an Airplane That Uses No Propeller for Flight at High Altitudes

May 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

The Thunderbolt

Although Complete Specifications for New Interceptor Cannot be Told, It Promises to be Most Effective

April 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

Night Vision

A British Army Medical Officer Considers a Subject of Vital Interest to Aviation in Particular

March 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

Military Rockets

Anti-Aircraft Traps, Rocket Shells, Weather Study, Airplane Starters, are Possibilities

February 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin

Molded Plywood Planes

Plastics Plus Multi-Layered Veneer Used in Construction of New Two-Engined Ship

January 1, 1942 — Alexander Klemin
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