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Stories by Amr Abouelleil

Anti-Obesity Is Not the New Homophobia

Twenty years ago I joined my high school's football team and over the next four years became intimately acquainted with pasta - the delicious flavor and al dente texture, the margherita and alfredo sauces that could drown it, and the marvelous butter and garlic soaked breads that could accompany it...

September 10, 2012 — Amr Abouelleil

Scientific Arabian: Revolutions Then and Now

Walking through streets of Cairo, I've rarely heard talk of the unchecked pollution coughed from vehicles exhaust pipes, or of speculation of how many homes could be powered if only the vast deserts surrounding the city planted with solar farms, or of aspirations of sending the first Egyptian to space...

June 22, 2012 — Amr Abouelleil

The Future of Epidemiology: Next-Gen Sequencing

Full Disclosure: The author was involved in the research study discussed in this article. Over four thousand people infected, nine hundred of them suffering hemolytic-uremic syndrome, a disorder whose first symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea...

April 13, 2012 — Amr Abouelleil

Deep Thought Is Dead, Long Live Deep Thought

On Tuesday, March 19 th , Alan Jacobs posted a technology article for The Atlantic titled “Jobs of the Future: A Skeptic's Response.” In the article, he voices his doubts that a skillset promoted by the internet and social networking would usher in a new wave of future employment: ‘Where are these jobs that will require such rapid "searching, browsing, assessing quality, and synthesizing the vast quantities of information"?...

March 24, 2012 — Amr Abouelleil
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