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Stories by Andrew R. Boone

Food for Fighters

New Dehydration Process Uses Steam Baths and Heat Treatments to Reduce Vegetable Weight and Bulk

July 1, 1942 — Andrew R. Boone

Escape from Surgery

New Telescopic Technique of Internal Examination is Saving Many from Operations

November 1, 1941 — Andrew R. Boone

Insanity at the Wheel

To What Extent do Psychopathic Cases Contribute to Motor-Vehicle Accidents? . . . Weeding Out the Unfit by Specialized Analysis of Attitudes

October 1, 1939 — Andrew R. Boone

More Game

Game Birds Reared Under Artificial Conditions Can Survive in the Wild A Foreigner Holds Promise Sanctuaries Future Shooting

July 1, 1937 — Andrew R. Boone

Movie Cartoons in Color

Enhance the Action, Simple, Solid Colors, Must Harmonize, Not Clash, Exposure Becomes a Problem, Constant Research a Necessity

January 1, 1937 — Andrew R. Boone

New Aids for Criminology

Finger Prints Raised With Iodine, Spectrographic Analysis of Materials, Tiny Traces Yield Evidence, Contribute to Conviction

November 1, 1936 — Andrew R. Boone
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