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Stories by Arthur H. Rosenfeld

Energy for Buildings and Homes

New technologies-superwindows, compact fluorescent lights and automated-control systems-combined with other strategies, such as shade trees and light -colored buildings, could reduce building energy bills by half...

September 1, 1990 — Arthur H. Rosenfeld and Rick Bevington

Energy-Efficient Buildings

Energy conservation and economic development can go hand in hand. Efficiently designed homes and offices will slash energy bills, liberate investment capital and avoid the expense of building new power plants...

April 1, 1988 — David Hafemeister and Arthur H. Rosenfeld

Strongly Interacting Particles

Presenting an account of recent developments in high-energy physics. These particles that respond to the strongest of the four natural forces no longer seem "elementary." They may be composites of one another...

February 1, 1964 — Geoffrey F. Chew, Murray Gell-Mann and Arthur H. Rosenfeld
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