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Stories by Bonnie Swoger

Books are for use: Weeding and deselecting

Books are for use: Weeding and deselecting

Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time in the stacks of my library looking for books to remove from our collection. The euphemisms used to describe this process make me laugh: librarians weed books from their collections or deselect them...

January 7, 2014 — Bonnie Swoger

Is Elsevier really for-science? Or just for-profit?

That’s the question researchers are asking after Elsevier’s latest PR debacle. It’s generally not a good idea to piss off the people who give you their time, effort and intellectual property for free...

December 12, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger
10 science information things to be thankful for

10 science information things to be thankful for

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA, a time to be thankful for, well, just about anything. It is my favorite of all the major holidays because it involves mostly food and not a lot of stuff (gifts, decorations, etc.) Here is my list of the science information things that I am thankful for this year: [...]..

November 27, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger
The Open Access Button: Discovering when and where researchers hit paywalls

The Open Access Button: Discovering when and where researchers hit paywalls

Last week, an intriguing new tool for researchers was launched, the Open Access Button. The Button has two main goals: Track when and where researchers encounter publisher pay walls (articles unavailable because the user hasn’t paid a subscription or access fee)...

November 25, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger
Vestiges of print publication in scientific journals

Vestiges of print publication in scientific journals

The first scientific journals were published in the late 17th century, and these print publications changed very little over time. Developments in printing technology, distribution and the advent of the commercial publisher all impacted the process, but the basic form was easily recognizable...

November 12, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger
A few funny* things about citations

A few funny* things about citations

In honor of the recent Ig Nobel prizes, awarded for achievements that “first make people laugh, and then make them think,” I present a few funny* things about scholarly citations...

September 17, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger

Famous people like libraries and librarians!

It's nice when people say nice things about you. It's especially nice when, in the midst of budget cuts and job losses and questions about your relevance, famous people make poetic defenses of the job you love.Earlier this week, well known author, journalist and activist Cory Doctorow reminded us of an eloquent defense of libraries and librarians made by British author Neil Gaiman in a 2010 interview...

July 19, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger

Starting a conversation about data

Data - Big or small - is a hot topic in higher education and in academic libraries. Scientists and scholars are collecting, analyzing and sharing increasing amounts of data.

July 16, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger

Textbooks and open educational resources

I've spent some time on this blog talking about how scientists communicate with each other - largely through scientific journal articles in scholarly journals.

July 1, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger

Pragmatism, Idealism and DeepDyve's Five Minutes in Heaven

If it is possible, I consider myself to be both an idealist and a pragmatist with regard to scholarly publishing.On the idealist side, I view scientific publishing as a natural extension of the necessity of sharing scientific results with others...

June 5, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger

Database creators take note: have URLs that work

I am tired of explaining to students that the URL for a database entry they copied and pasted from their browser won't work.Here is the problem: A student searches for high quality content in a database that the library pays a lot of money for...

April 23, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger

Mobile Apps for Searching the Scientific Literature

I recently taught a fun workshop called "Mobile Apps for Research and Education." We talked about some apps to access library databases, then shared some favorite apps for getting work done.The mobile apps for accessing library resources are always a bit weird...

March 26, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger
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