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Stories by C. H. Claudy

Motion Pictures by Radio

The Promise of "Movie" Broadcasts, with Receiving Stations in Every Home

November 1, 1922 — C. H. Claudy

Scientific Road Legislation

How the Federal Highways Act Will Take the Hit-Or-Miss Characteristic Out of America's Road System

April 1, 1922 — C. H. Claudy

Why the Mail Plane?

The Things That Make This Daily Flying on Schedule Worth All It Costs, and More

April 1, 1922 — C. H. Claudy

A Map's Other Name is Ananias

The Various Projections Used in Representing the Earth's Surface, and What They Do to the Facts

December 1, 1921 — C. H. Claudy

The Romance of Invention--XIX

An Inventor of Fighting Machines and his Work in Adding to the Efficiency of Navies

January 15, 1921 — C. H. Claudy

Something for Nothing

A Combination of Engineering, Water and Land That Makes Wealth

January 8, 1921 — C. H. Claudy

Aircraft of the Future

A Statement of What Remains to be Done, and the Directions in Which the Doing Seems to Lie

November 20, 1920 — C. H. Claudy

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