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Stories by Cassie Rodenberg

Strolling "Craigs List Avenue" for Drugs: Tatiana's Story

For the past few weeks, I've been going to Bronx, NY with photographer Chris Arnade, collecting and documenting stories of addicts in poverty-striken areas to be part of a larger series I'll begin sharing here...

March 31, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

What All Parents Need to Know, Zoe's Story

I asked a dear friend if she would share her story on my blog, and I'm honored that she agreed. I'm amazed to know her and to be involved with sharing her message.

February 29, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

Global Substance Use Breakdown (Hint: Americans Love Painkillers)

It's easy to zoom in on drug and alcohol use to America, nestling with home-grown problems, but where do we stand with the rest of the world? Are we, the culture of excess and over-consumption, "normal?" Alcohol The world drank the equivalent of 1.6 gallons of alcohol per person in 2005, according to the World Health Organization, averaging 2-2.65 gallons per person, per year, in the U.S...

February 29, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

Money Aside, Who Goes to Rehab? White Alcoholics

We often hear of addicts' journeys leading to a stint in an rehabilitation facility or perhaps even multiple stints. But who goes to rehab and what does it say about our perception of addiction?...

February 28, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

Chelsea Handler and Addiction as Identity

Fairly often, novels, films and TV show clips come across my doorstep and inbox related to addiction. And though most of them offer unique insight, most offer a similar glaring message -- This is a story about an Addict and her drug...

February 27, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

App Intervention to Treat Addiction (and It Runs on Android)

Goodbye AA, hello smartphone? University of Massachusetts and MIT researchers have developed a technology to sense the body's biophysical changes, detecting periods when a drug abuser is most likely to use, and to offer innovative intervention...

February 23, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

5 alcohol-isms for New Year's

1. Drunk walking contains a bigger risk factor than you might think. The journal of Injury Prevention cites January 1 with the high incident rates of pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes (PDF)...

December 31, 2011 — Cassie Rodenberg

A drug year in review, 2011

March 1 -- Chemicals used in K2 and Spice, smokeable herbal products that elicit a marijuana-like high, are regulated as Schedule 1 drugs by the DEA April 19 -- Over 5,300 sites join the DEA's second "Take-Back Prescription Drugs" mission, a community effort to collect unwanted, unused or expired prescription medication June 30 -- Operation "Pill Mill" arrests made for distribution of hundreds of thousands of illegal oxycodone pills July 14 -- Nevada police make a record 208-pound seizure of methamphetamine July 20 -- Over 13,000 marijuana plants seized in Southern Utah July 23 -- Amy Winehouse dies from alcohol overdose October 21 -- MDPV and mephedrone (common components of 'bath salts' stimulant) classified as a Schedule 1 Drug November 30 -- Officials discover a major U.S.-Mexico smuggling tunnel in San Diego and seize a record 32 tons of marijuana December 14 -- Alcohol and tobacco use cited at a historic low among teens but levels of marijuana, prescription drug and alternate tobacco products use remain high December 23 -- 'No refusal' DUI programs now cover 30 states, where police can obtain warrants to take suspected drunk drivers' blood samples if suspects refuse breathalyzer tests For a more extensive write-up as well as statistics, see Neurobonkers' "2011: The Year in Drugs."..

December 31, 2011 — Cassie Rodenberg

Every drug is the deadliest drug, especially oxycodone

Call me foolish, but I accept and believe addicts' tales of their drug use and abuse. In retelling their experiences, most offer an outpouring of descriptive language on how their drug of choice feels, and how their drug of choice has ruined them...

December 28, 2011 — Cassie Rodenberg

Street slang in drug education advertises more than it helps

Yesterday, I asked a 12-year-old the biggest lessons he learned from a recent middle school drug assembly. The answers I received contained the terms “White Lightning,” “Hurricane Charlie” and “Trail Mix.” While valuable for kids to have drug education programs in schools, it becomes a pressing concern when lesser known drugs and/or street names are the primary concepts gleaned from lessons...

December 27, 2011 — Cassie Rodenberg

Drugs, as seen from a 12-year-old

To offer different insight, here's a guest post written by a 12-year-old, illuminating the scarcity of drug knowledge kids have. Tomorrow, I'll look into the drugs he discusses.

December 26, 2011 — Cassie Rodenberg

Is Nyquil a drug of choice?

I’m so rarely sick, but every so often, usually after vaulting over the plagues of my nearest and dearest, I succumb to one germ or another. For me sickness involves a careful assembly line of water, orange juice and herbal tea, as I’m a stalwart avoider of over-the-counter medication when possible (I eat almonds or nap to cure my headaches)...

December 22, 2011 — Cassie Rodenberg

Sex Addiction's Moral Battleground

While in the checkout line of a local Rite Aid this weekend, I was struck by “The Sex Addiction Epidemic” cover of Newsweek. Quickly intrigued by the promise of such a lead story, I plopped down on a neighboring Coke display to read and process, where excitement quickly derailed to dismay...

December 7, 2011 — Cassie Rodenberg
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